Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tic Toc Tic Toc....

As you can see....not too much happening since I chopped my plants in half. It's very slow going, but there is some new growth coming in.

Now I know why I never could get into gardening. It's just such a slow going process that I just never had the patience! lol. I literally go out and look at my plants every single day after work, and there is little to no change at all from when I started this blog. lol.

The Confederate Rose clippings are doing very well. They are making the most progress. Every day I look and there is a new leaf.

The flower seeds I planted seem to be growing slowly, but surely...

I've got some basil, a little bit of parsley, and one chive. lol.

There is some new growth on my rose bush, so I am TRYING to patiently await some roses blooming soon. I forgot to do it today, but there is some parts of the rose bush I'd like to cut off, so that the plant can give more of it's energy toward new growth. I guess I'll do it tomorrow or Saturday. Sometime over the weekend I need to get in there and pluck out some of the grass that is growing around my rose bush.
I've decided that as soon as my roses bloom, I'm clipping them off right away. As I said before, this will be so that the plant can put more energy into new plant growth. I am also going to clip it down some, to force new growth toward the bottom of the plant, in hopes to make it busy, instead of stick-like. lol. We'll see how that experiment turns out.

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